Saturday, 31 July 2010

Fake Leopard

Monki, 1000 SEK, comes out in september

As we all know, leopard and fake fur is really trendy this fall. Just look at my post about Mulberry fall 2010. Leopard and.. well, real fur. But we exchange that with fake! I love it! I so want this jacket! Imagine it with my JC's! Hot hot hot!


agata said...

i use :)

Anonymous said...

love leopard!! i can't get enough!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!
And I love the jacket.

Beckerman Girls said...

OOOOh!!!! Love love love his coat!!! HOW FABULOUS!
love your blog tooo! What great style!
xo Beckerman Girls

Fatima A. said...

love it!