Saturday, 31 July 2010



Dress-Topshop (London), Necklace-H&M

I don’t know what happened to the pictures.. They look awful! Anyway!
Today I was at a market in Malmköping with my family. I found a leather jacket (biker model) and three pieces of piercing jewellery for my bellybutton! ^^
I’ll show you the jacket later..

Here’s a song I love. It’s so sweet. Bombay Bicycle Club is my obsession right now. xx


sylwia said...

Hey :):) What a beautiful dress!!
Perfect pattern :) I love maxi dresses, and this one is absolutely my favourite <3
brilliant :):)
check out my blog: :)

I follow, follow back? ;)

mia said...

uuuhh your dress looks so cute :)
but you do too :)
haha. i've never been to sweden but I want
to go to stockholm SO bad :)

Orphaned Apparel said...

Beautiful dress! And Bombay Bicycle Club is my favorite band name ever. It just makes me happy to hear it.

pungungen said...

hejsan hoppsan pungis här, om du inte vill att bilderna ska bli så gryniga, kolla vad du har för ISO-värde när du tar bilden, ju högre ISO desto grynigare blir bilden! Love the dress!