Saturday, 26 June 2010


Pics by my friend
(I'm fixing my shorts on the fourth picture)

Shoes-Steve Madden (New York), Necklace-H&M (New York), Shorts-Roxy (Macy's, New York), Bag-Topshop, Rings-H&M (New York), Glitter, Forever 21

How amazing are the shoes?? I adore them! Really comfortable to walk in as well! I was so happy when I found the necklace because I have the same one but in gold and with purple, orange and turquoise stones that I bought in Sweden. But I've never seen this one before! I also found rings that doesn't exist in Sweden!

The day before yesterday

Skirt-Forever 21 (New York), Necklace-H&M, Sandals-Vagabond, Rings-Forever 21, H&M

I love the skirt, it's so cute! Me <3 floral patterns. I also love the ring on the second picture, it looks so different and cool!

As you see I'm figuring out how to work with blogspot, but it keeps getting better.
Today I've just been chilling at home, reading Breaking Dawn. All Twilight fans out there, you have to watch the Jimmy Kimmel Eclipse Special! It's hilarious!


Today's outfit (well, yesterday's actually)

Dress-Urban Outfitters (New York)
This dress is so cute and it fits so well for this day. I love the floral pattern and I love that the dress is black. And it's not too short!
I'm going to bed soon.. Good night xx

Friday, 25 June 2010

Glad midsommar!

Playing around with my camera today (I'm not naked, just wearing a strapless dress which I will show you later)!

Today it's a special day in Sweden, a day called midsommarafton. The meaning of it is just that you celebrate the summer. So today I hung out with my relatives outside, eating some good food and just having a nice time. But I got a little burned by the sun. So now I'm pretty red and it hurts a little! But I hope it will turn into a more tanned colour soon..

Right now I'm watching the World Cup Spain-Chile. I really hope Spain will win! In 2008 Torres was my big crush, hehe. Now his hair is shorter and darker! Yeah, they've maid 2 goals now!

Outfits coming up.. XX

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Testing testing

My name is Matilda. I'm a 16 year old girl from Sweden who loves fashion!
I've had two blogs before. When I was 14-15 (I think) I had a blog on When I got really tired of that blog and took a break until october last year (I was 15). I started blogging at and I loved it but after a while I thought it kinda sucked again. So I took a little paus from and now I'm back again! But why then? Why did I create a blog at Blogspot and why am I writing in English? Well, it's a simple answer to that!
I am sick of the Swedish blogcommunities and the Swedish blogworld. I want to get som internationell readers! And then I have to write in English so you guys can understand me!

I really hope this is going to work out well.

Stay tuned, because you will get a whole bunch of outfits and I will also post a lot of NY pictures (I was there last week) anytime soon.

So I hope you will follow my blog! I haven't really figured out how to fix the design at Blogspot yet... But I'm on it!

So.. Goodnight everybody and I'll see you tomorrow! XX