Thursday, 24 June 2010

Testing testing

My name is Matilda. I'm a 16 year old girl from Sweden who loves fashion!
I've had two blogs before. When I was 14-15 (I think) I had a blog on When I got really tired of that blog and took a break until october last year (I was 15). I started blogging at and I loved it but after a while I thought it kinda sucked again. So I took a little paus from and now I'm back again! But why then? Why did I create a blog at Blogspot and why am I writing in English? Well, it's a simple answer to that!
I am sick of the Swedish blogcommunities and the Swedish blogworld. I want to get som internationell readers! And then I have to write in English so you guys can understand me!

I really hope this is going to work out well.

Stay tuned, because you will get a whole bunch of outfits and I will also post a lot of NY pictures (I was there last week) anytime soon.

So I hope you will follow my blog! I haven't really figured out how to fix the design at Blogspot yet... But I'm on it!

So.. Goodnight everybody and I'll see you tomorrow! XX

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