Friday, 25 June 2010

Glad midsommar!

Playing around with my camera today (I'm not naked, just wearing a strapless dress which I will show you later)!

Today it's a special day in Sweden, a day called midsommarafton. The meaning of it is just that you celebrate the summer. So today I hung out with my relatives outside, eating some good food and just having a nice time. But I got a little burned by the sun. So now I'm pretty red and it hurts a little! But I hope it will turn into a more tanned colour soon..

Right now I'm watching the World Cup Spain-Chile. I really hope Spain will win! In 2008 Torres was my big crush, hehe. Now his hair is shorter and darker! Yeah, they've maid 2 goals now!

Outfits coming up.. XX

1 comment:

sU said...

I will wait for your outfits posts then =)
I read you were in NY, I love NYC it's beautiful and so fashionable. Hope your blog has a lot of readers and turns out really well.

Thank you so much for your comment, please keep coming back and I hope you enjoy every post.

kiss, sU